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In several towns surrounding the city of Boston, Ma, a chain of several perverse internet occurances leading to the murder of several young adults, ranging in ages from 16-23, seemingly ceased with the finding of 42-year old, Eric Mackenzie, of Watertown, Ma. He was found, murdered, in his own basement. Unfortunately it was only the beginning of a newly popularized version of mass-stalking.

The trend all began when several young adult facebook users received friend requests from an unknown user. The username belonged to a hacked facebook account, owned by Eric Mackenzie. The account always generated mutual friends by choosing 15 friends of the target at random. The account was always gendered as the target’s sexual preference, and a randomized main picture would be used featuring a young and attractive male or female. All reports indicated that each character was different from the next, but always featured a young adult.

All scenarios went the same. A day or two after accepting the friend request, the target would be greeted with a polite message, thanking them for the add. Eventually, targets would get another message from the user, saying something along the lines of, “Hey! I saw you the other day at (location). I waved but I dont think you saw me, lol”. Several people would be friendly and respond, but the conversation would never go anywhere. Soon enough, the user would get more personal and start leaving picture or wall comments on the target, always complimenting them in little ways.

While the aforementioned events were seemingly harmless, eventually this playful form of stalking would escalate into something more dire. Usually somewhere between 1.5 - 2 months of being friends with the hacked account, the user would start tagging the target in pictures. The pictures would be simple things, like the target hanging out with friends, shopping, or at the beach. Sometimes several friends would be tagged in the photo together. While this was unusual, facebook and authorities were not notified of these instances until targets began getting tagged in photos of themselves sleeping in their own beds.

Through facebook, the authorities were able to isolate several of the accounts, but they could not track down the user. Everybody was hush hush about the whole ordeal, considering its fragile nature, so more young adults went unaware as more fake accounts were made and added more facebook users.

Things escalated when some targets began dissappearing. Two young females, ages 16 and 19, and four 20 year old males went missing. When investigators looked into the situation, they found that all victims had one thing incommon: They were friends with an unknown facebook user who nobody knew that had been tagging them in bizarre and perverse photos. As attention shifted to the missing persons, more users were harassed by the unknown user. Targets would be forwarded graphic images depicting heavy gore and illegal pornography. Sometimes the images would include text saying: “Check this out. This is what I want to do to you.”
The phenomenon jumped to a whole new level when targets stopped dissappearing, but were murdered in their own beds. When found in the morning, targets would always be tied up and gagged, and often their innards would be torn out, similar to some of the gore pictures that were recovered from these users’ computers.

Phone calls flooded the police as more and more concerned parents feared for their children, who were Facebook users. As news of the scandal was brought to the surface, several hundred more individuals stepped forward, openly admitting that they accepted a friend request from a shady individual who they thought was alright because they had several mutual friends and things in common, namely location. Several of these individuals who were purportedly harassed by the mysterious user admitted to receiving disturbing messages, wall comments and tagged photos of themselves, but previously ignored the issue. Now that people were being deemed missing or found brutally murdered, more targets were coming out of the closet, so to speak.

Because Facebook had been hacked and exploited in this manner, its operations were under threat of being shut down. Ironically, this caused a major uproar among users who were apparently addicted to the social networking tool. Facebook remained public, and was unaffected. To combat the uproar, police and FBI assumed the Facebook pages of teens who were under assault by the mysterious character. All attempts to arrange meetings or even converse at all with the character were failures; He never responded. Murders, disappearances and sleeping snap shots seemed to cease for some time.

At this point in time, there were a total of 11 people missing, and 6 actual murders. Day by day several hundred more people in the Massachusetts area would be added by a mysterious and randomized character. Facebook was unable to do anything to target the owner of these accounts. It was as if the procedure was automated, and came from a encrypted and variable IP. While the murders and disappearances ceased, the worst was yet to come.

Relatives of the disappeared individuals began getting friend requests from mystery characters. This was the first time in the case where age or gender was no factor as to who was added; It was merely relatives of those who had disappeared via the “Related to:” tab found on the Facebooks of the disappeared. These relatives were not greeted with polite messages. After a mere couple of hours from adding the mysterious user, relatives began receiving .jpg images in their inboxes of their disappeared relative being tortured, mutilated and killed. There was no text, just the disturbing pictures that would haunt them forever.

Quoted from the Boston Chief of Police, “…not to justify these horrific events that have been occurring lately, but Facebook users of all ages REALLY need to be more careful about the things they put up on there. These people let the world know their name, what they look like, their age, where they live, where they’re going, where they’ve been… at all hours of the day. It’s just dangerous. You never know who’s really paying complete attention.”

A month after relatives received photos of the missing and they were confirmed dead, there was a break through in the case. A woman, 39 year old, Lisa Goodwin, stepped forward with some useful information. Lisa, one year prior, divorced her husband, Eric Mackenzie, a computer engineer, after their marriage had taken a turn for the worse. She claims that Eric took the divorce poorly and stalked her discreetly on Facebook.

She claims, “I sort of fueled the flames a bit… I knew he was watching every move I made.. and I kinda liked it. So I used to constantly update my status and post pictures of me drinking with my friends and meeting younger men at local clubs on Facebook.. You know how it is with people after break-ups… But after the brunt of it.. he disappeared! I figured he had enough of the little games, and he finally blocked me or deleted me or deleted his Facebook. I never saw anything from him at all. I tried calling him, just to check up, but he never answered…

…Then something happened which is now leading me to believe all of this was caused by him. I got a friend request from a younger, handsome male. I figured it was somebody I met at a club. But he was creepy. He would never talk to me, but he would send me sporadic messages and photo comments. Then eventually he would tag me in photos. That really scared me. After I was tagged in a photo taken through my bedroom window of me sleeping in bed, I deleted all traces of myself off of social networking sites and moved to my mother’s condo in Rhode Island. I finally moved on from the whole thing… until I saw these news reports. I feel sick to my stomach about all of this.. But in a way it makes sense because Eric would always tell me he hated Facebook with a passion and wished it would go away. I never pictured him as a murderer though…”

Lisa was offered protective custody after she relayed this information to authorities, but she declined. She was found dead, 1 day later, in the driver’s seat of her car, with her throat slit, hours before two officers were planning to go find Eric, simply for questioning. Now a S.W.A.T team is being organized with a search warrant to storm his home.

When Eric Mackenzie was found, he lay dead in a pool of blood, having been stabbed repeatedly. His computer was found in the online state, signed on to more than one of his many Facebook accounts. He was currently uploading several large filesize videos onto various pages. The videos had already been tagged under victims’ names who had gone missing. They were videos of his torturous plight. In the corner of the room, a young man sat curled up in a ball, tears running down his face, staring blankely at the lifeless corpse. Beside him lay a bloodied kitchen knife. Officers tried to speak with the kid, recognized from his Facebook page, but he kept whispering, “The attic… the attic…”. Half the squad was sent to investigate.

The room was a massacre. It could be recognized as the room where photos were taken of the victims’ torture. Huddled up on the floor were the mutilated and desecrated bodies of the missing victims. Several of the victims had been sodmoized before and even after time of death. Littered on the floor and posted on the walls were pictures belonging to the photo albums of the missing individuals. Eric had apparently printed out hundreds of photos of his victims and their friends, all taken from Facebook.

When the young man, 20 year old, Nicholas Eastman, finally came around, some information was obtained from him. The man was indeed Eric Mackenzie. Nick confirmed Lisa Goodwin’s story. He claimed Eric would constantly be raving about his ex-wife, saying how she tormented him through Facebook, just like everybody else does, by pasting their lives all over the cursed thing and flaunting pointless shit. Nick explained how he and other missing persons looked on while Eric tormented each teen at a time, trying to teach them a lesson. Nick was the last one alive, but managed to escape while Eric was downstairs on his PC. He went through Eric’s kitchen and found a knife that he had previously used with his dinner, snuck downstairs while Eric was working, and stabbed him repeatedly to his dismay. Nick explained how if he had simply escaped and run away, he wouldn’t be able to sleep knowing Eric was still out there.

After searching Eric’s computer, a very intensly coded program was recovered. In layman’s terms, the program acted as a bot. It scoured Facebook, searching for groups of individuals in certain age and gender groups. From there, the program generated a page using a randomized name and photo, but mimicking personal info per target. The program kept track of incoming and outgoing messages. Eric could view the pages and take over the role as mass-stalker to his hearts content. After sifting through pages and using a complex algorithm, the bot could establish which targets offered sufficient information to literally track them by the hour, through status updates and the hacking of Facebook chat logs. This was how Eric could watch his prey from afar and eventually kidnap them when they were most vulnerable; (Example: Status Update: **** ***** is out for a jog around the block! @ 12:40am.)

With Eric’s death reported via media, there was a sigh of relief from the masses. The only problem that authorities did not report… for weeks, Eric had been selling sophistacted commercial versions of his revolutionary Facebook hacking software to discreet internet users via Craigslist and Ebay. Eric’s death was only the beginning.

Credit to Watterboy of ultimate-guitar.com

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