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Yuko was such a pretty girl. Such a pretty girl with such a pretty life. Never worried about money, stress, school, work…or anything for that matter. Even marriage. She picked out a pretty dress with ease, as seen to the left. (It’s the last known picture of her.) She just didn’t have it in her to worry.

I wish she would have worried more. She was so trusting. You could tell her anything, and she’d believe it, for the most part.

So when her fiance came home a day late saying that it was because of a blown tire and some traffic, she took it in stride. Though something was ever so subtly different.

They got married soon after, and had a pretty honeymoon just outside of town. Though, Yuko felt uneasy, and with good reason. As her new husband was getting out of the shower, she happened upon a wallet. Not the one she got for him that he had used ever since, but a different one, one that seemed to have been worn for a long time. Inside was an I.D., of a man that looked so similar to her’s. So similar they could almost be related.

As her husband came into the bedroom, ready to do what he had been planning, a piece of paper fluttered down to her lap. A photo, of her late fiance, in a ditch off the side of the road, cut up and dead.

My smile was sincere as I slaugtered her. Now the couple is together, two pretty pictures in my pocket.

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