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The Mark (J. Peaslee)

Genesis, Chapter 4: The LORD said, “Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground. Now you are under a curse and driven from the ground, which opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand….You will be a restless wanderer on the earth”….Then the LORD put a mark on Cain so that no one who found him would kill him.

I did not fear the LORD. You might believe this to be my sin; others protest that I was the first murderer, and some even point to my jealous rage as my downfall.

The truth? My brother Abel was weak. He and I were twins in body, but separate in spirit. Existing only as a devoted servant of both our father and our father’s God, Abel had no substance. By our sixteenth year his unwavering devotion to a useless religion constantly chaffed against my own dominant personality. We could no longer coexist – he needed to die. And while I could not guess at the glorious consequences that would come of my decision, his death led me to omnipotence. I am a god, all due to the blood of my brother crying out to the LORD. No one can kill me; the LORD himself granted me everlasting life. No one can fight me; those who try only provide my lips with a freshly bloodied neck to caress.

Yet until I understood the nature of the mark that the LORD gave me, I counted the days I spent wandering in the desert. It did not take me long to realize that I no longer hungered or thirsted as I once did. It was, however, several weeks before I began to realize a craving for a different form of sustenance. It would seem the LORD is a loving deity after all, for perhaps because of how I killed my foolish brother, I was allowed to keep my longing for blood. That smell of salted rust, which once betrayed me as a murderer, had been paired with a delightfully sensual taste.

The tensions in our relationship culminated in the hottest month of our sixteenth year, as Able tended to our father’s flock of sheep. Naïve as he was, it was easy to convince him to sit with me as we ate a thick, red stew. And for all of his blind righteousness, I found it even easier to get him drunk off some wine stolen from our father.

I might have waited until he was passed out, but I wanted to relish the moment; instead, I chose to strike when Abel was aware of painyet too drunk to fight back. I could have strangled him. I have since strangled many men, and the blood seeping into the whites of their desperate eyes is a most satisfying sight. I have stabbed men as well, carefully delivering my slash marks into veins and arteries that will certainly bleed out, yet still give me enough time to enjoy myself.

Poor Abel. He suffered through none of these acts; I had a special plan for him.

I began slowly, brushing my teeth against his supple body until I reached the flesh above his heart; letting out a feral moan, I took my first bite. It was a good beginning. Rather than starting with his jugular, thus quickly ending his pain, I chose not to rush through this feast. So as I gnawed my teeth against the tender spots of his body, nibbling on ears and thighs, I took my time, rejoicing in the salty gushes of blood that stained my lips and dripped down my chin. My tongue swept over his open wounds while my hungry groans took on an ecstatic nature. Abel took a long time to die, his body feebly shuddering along with mine, while his blood ran unevenly down the slight wrinkles of his body much like a river flooding the ditches of a valley. But die he did, as his essence drained away.

The LORD said that my brother’s blood cried out to him; in truth, the blood first cried out to me.

-Submitted by soundtrackofme.

I really enjoyed this story. Things like this are awesome. Soundtrackofme, sorry, but I changed the color, it would have been unreadable otherwise. 

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