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The Man of Faces

They say the man of faces is an omen, that he only appears when the death of a loved one, or one self, is near. Other’s say that he feeds on fear and anxiety, and that he toys with his victims, pushes them to the brink of insanity, as it makes them taste so much sweeter.

The few people to have survived a visit from the man of faces somewhat unscathed, all tell the same story:
Late at night, when they’ve almost fallen asleep, they’ve suddenly heard a strange shuffling sounds.
Those who peeked (it seems the man of faces only appears if you lie with your face against the wall, and your back towards the room) describe him as a human figure, but his skin is made entirely out of faces. They’re not sewn on, as some kind of dress, but rather grown, or fused, or simply natural. Every part of him is a face, the eye of one may be the mouth of another. And they all move, blink, open och closes the mouths. 

Some describe him as having what is belived to be umbilical cords, coming out of some of the mouths, with tiny, not yet fully formed fetuses. If these are somehow representative of his victims or not, is yet to be discovered.
And as of today, the only known ward against him is to sleep with your face out towards the room, and to pretend to sleep if you hear that shuffling sound.

-Harlequin!AMqw/VTW2A, of /x/.

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