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Lights in the Distance


A young man suffering from insomnia was trying to fall asleep one night. After many minutes, he was still awake as it got more and more late. He turned on his side and looked out the window. Noticing two streetlights in the distance, he rested his eyes on them and soon fell asleep.

The next night he found himself once again kept awake by his sleep disorder. Remembering the remedy he tried the night before, he turned to his side and looked out the window for the two streetlights. He found them and once again fell asleep peacefully.

The next night his sleeping troubles were back, but he simply looked out the window for the streetlights and rested his eyes on them. Tonight they were flickering every few seconds. He assumed that the bulbs would soon burn out, and as his eyes began to fall shut the lights finally burnt out.

He woke up in the morning refreshed. As he god up he looked out the window towards the streetlights, hoping someone would come to fix them.

However, as he looked he noticed something odd: There weren’t streetlights there.

He leaned closer to the window to double check, but still the streetlights were nowhere to be found. Then he looked down and noticed small claw marks on the window sill, as if something was perched there.

His insomnia got worse.

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